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GovVendors is visited on a daily basis by Local, County, State and Federal Buyers as well as by Fortune 500 companies looking for subcontractors to hire for government contracts. GovVendors offers advertisment opportunities that are KeyWord based as well as Banner Advertising. Plans are available monthly, bi-annuallly and annually so you can budget exactly how much you want to spend on your next advertising campaign.

Product/Service KeyWord Sponsor

GovVendors offers vendors the opportunity for their sponsorships to appear when a user searches for a specific product or service.You can also include a 60x60 pixel image to the left of your company description. The dimensions of the advertisement are 800x80 pixels.

Keyword Advertising Example

800 pixels wide x 100 pixels high

Fields outlined in red are required

Just let us know which keywords apply to your business and we will contact you with pricing information.


e.g., financial consulting


e.g., asphalt repaving


e.g., John Deere


e.g., Cisco routers and switches


Other Sponsorships

If there are other locations on the website where you would like to advertise, please provide a description and we will contact you.

Contact Information

All information is confidential and not shared with any other party





e.g., (123) 456-7890

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